Abacum: From Webflow to WordPress. A Successful Migration Story

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Somoscuatro has been an exceptional business partner for us. They not only helped us rebuild our website from scratch but also created an infrastructure for long-term scaling. Going beyond requirements, they provide valuable feedback and challenge us, always aiming to deliver high-quality solutions. I highly recommend them – you won’t be disappointed!

María Alejandra Torregroza

Product Manager at Abacum




Barcelona, New York, London



What we did

UX Audit, UX Research, SEO Audit, WordPress Migration, WordPress Theme, WordPress Custom Plugin, Integration with third-party APIs, Technical SEO enhancements, Maintenance Plan


2023 + Ongoing Maintenance Plan

The problem

Abacum approached us with the main goal of boosting traffic and conversions on their website. Additionally, they needed to enhance their editorial experience as making content changes was highly inefficient, often requiring technical expertise and resulting in unintended modifications being published.

Our approach

To understand the reasons why visitors are leaving the conversion funnel, we conducted in-depth UX and SEO audits.

Based on the data collected from Google Analytics and Hotjar, we analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the site. We then formulated suggestions for improving the user journey and interface by applying the best strategies among their competitors and those widespread in the industry. Our decisions were further refined through A/B testing, targeted user interviews, and close collaboration with Abacum’s marketing team. Producing wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes was crucial in this phase.

The financial sector in which Abacum operates is strictly regulated under Google’s YMYL Policy. Therefore, the SEO audit we performed focused on evaluating ways to emphasize EEAT, which is essential for building trust with customers and search engines. We encountered several main technical problems, including low performance, improper use of semantic HTML, and incorrect server settings. In terms of content analysis, we identified broken links and redirects. We also suggested changes to landing pages and proposed significant improvements to the sitemap and robots.txt file.

We assessed the challenges faced by the editorial team through interviews and questionnaires. The results revealed that the website, which was built on Webflow, a no-code technology, lacked an adequate version control system. Moreover, the ability to have multiple editors working simultaneously was severely limited due to the risk of unintentional conflicts and accidental content publication.

The solution

After discussing with the client, we have determined that the best solution to address all the identified issues is to migrate the website to a new technology. We evaluated various options and ultimately recommended WordPress.

We collaborated closely with the client to develop a detailed migration roadmap, while offering ongoing support for the existing Webflow site. We rebuilt most of the user interface, resulting in a robust and flexible editorial and user experience with high-performance, easy-to-use Gutenberg blocks.

Once the migration was done and the website was consolidated, Abacum contracted a long-term maintenance plan with us, which is still ongoing. During this time, we have been proactively suggested improvements, developed and refined API integrations between the Abacum website and external platforms, such as Hubspot and Greenhouse, and implemented new features and UI blocks.

After the migration was completed and the website was consolidated, Abacum entered into a long-term maintenance agreement with us, which is still ongoing. During this time, we have been proactively suggested improvements, developed and refined API integrations between the Abacum website and external platforms, such as Hubspot and Greenhouse, and implemented new features and UI blocks.

The impact

After improving the UX and SEO, and migrating the website to WordPress, Abacum’s conversion rate (booking a demo) increased from 0.13% to over 1%; a game-changer 5x increase in pipline generation.

The developed infrastructure has granted the Abacum team autonomy, thanks to a new editorial experience that is more pleasant and reliable. The UX/Design is now consistent and uniform across the entire website, and Google has stopped penalizing the website for poor performance.

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