How 8Belts helped their sales agent to sell faster and more

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Our experience working with somoscuatro has been exceptional. They stand out for their flexibility, professionalism and punctuality, adapting to our needs and exceeding expectations. Their proactive approach and innovative solutions have been key to improving our site, making it more accessible and aligned with our business objectives. I would definitely recommend somoscuatro as a reliable and effective digital partner.

Jorge Durán

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What we did

WooCommerce Development, WordPress Custom Plugin, Integrations Development, Maintenance Plan


2023 + Ongoing Maintenance Plan

The problem

8Belts required a customised e-commerce solution that could seamlessly integrate with the existing platform API. The goal was to dynamically generate unique and temporary URLs, facilitating direct and customised interactions with customers. In addition, it was necessary to monitor the performance of the sales agent network.

Our approach

The initial consulting phase was crucial to understand the complexities of structuring a wide range of products and their variants. The objective was to synchronise this extensive catalogue with the existing platform, requiring a sophisticated system of attributes and customised product fields to ensure a robust and scalable connection.

Given the tight schedule, we paid special attention to project management. We divided large quantities of requirements into smaller, achievable tasks and created a reliable schedule on this basis.

Our solution was to centralise all operational logic within a tailor-made WooCommerce plugin. It was essential to make the plugin maintainable and extensible, so we made sure to adhere to the highest code quality standards. This involved applying SOLID principles and implementing automatic quality and security checks, such as sniffers and linters.

The solution

We developed a customised WooCommerce plugin to manage the product catalogue logic and to ensure seamless transmission of purchase details to the 8Belts platform.

The purchasing process was streamlined to include only a checkout page, bypassing the cart page. This necessitated a UX enhancement for the checkout page, making it straightforward for customers to review terms, conditions, and product details.

Upon checkout completion, the system was designed to relay purchase information to the 8Belts API, enabling the creation of a new customer account and the assignment of the purchased course. Furthermore, we integrated the WordPress site with Holded, an online business management tool, to automate invoice generation.

Since this first phase of the project was deployed, 8Belts has worked with us under a maintenance contract that’s still in place. During this time, we have been proactively suggested improvements and new features and developed and refined API integrations between the 8Belts website and their platform.

The impact

The newly implemented purchasing system has significantly improved efficiency and conversion rates. Sales agents now benefit from a more transparent and comprehensive view of their sales performance, empowering them to optimise their strategies and drive growth.

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