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Audit & Evaluation

We collect and evaluate big amounts of data to understand your business context and better define the most effective goals. We use this knowledge to detect the weak points of your lead generation strategy and suggest you effective solutions.

Consulting & Planning

We rely on our deep knowledge of Agile methodologies and modern work managing tools to organise your project, actively monitor progress and guide your team towards success. We iterate on the implementation phases to get incremental improvements while remaining mentally flexible and ready to react to unexpected changes.

Concept & Visual Design

We strongly believe that following a strategic-led design approach is the best way to maximise your business value. We apply modern methodologies to create user experience flows and design interfaces that your customers will enjoy using.

Development & Implementation

We use our knowledge and experience with modern web technologies to build the most effective solutions. We help our clients to increase their revenue with our deep knowledge of e-commerce platforms.

Media Content

We create the most engaging and expressive media content in order to support, explain and promote your products and brand in the most effective way.


We apply our SEO expertise to make sure your products and brand are relevant and easy to find. We work to push the key points that will improve your visibility and will boost your ranking in the major search engines.

We are a Barcelona based company dedicated to the creation of high-quality, modern and innovative digital products and solutions. If you manage a small to medium size business, we can help you to push forward your digital transformation. Our mission is to support your company on all phases on your evolution.

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Our Core Values

Our preferred solutions combine innovation, reliability and simplicity.

We believe that smart, effective and on time is better than complex, large and too late.

We communicate quickly, often and accurately with the customer.

Trust, honesty and transparency drive our relationship with customers.

We use an iterative approach: plan, apply, measure and improve.

We work in tightly coordinated cross functional teams.

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